In network marketing, the key to building and sales teams would be to meet new men and women. Of the new people you meet, some

will be interested in what you need to offer and some won’t.

Social networking presents daily chances to meet different people. The key word in the prior paragraph is “match” You want to meet
different men and women.

Here are several suggestions on using your account to Satisfy new people, while allowing them know about your business:

1. Hire someone to place a background on your own Twitter accounts that represents the products that you are selling or the
business you are representing.

2. Put your business URL in your profile.

3. Where you can, put your banner or button on your website. My Facebook account and my blogs all have my business buttons on

4. On networks where photos are permitted, flaunt your products or company name. For instance, if you possess a sweatshirt with
your company name on it, wear that sweatshirt for one of your profile photos. In social media consultant Nigeria have a coffee mug with your business
name on it, then hold it up in your photo.

5. I belong to scrapbooking classes, crochet groups as well as tea lovers groups. I contribute and add to discussions.

1. Do not blast your ad to individuals in private messages or tweets. I know of no one who would like to read advertisements.

2. Don’t use your status updates to continuously speak about your company or your products.

3. Don’t suggest people read your blog article simply to direct them to your sales page regarding your company or your products.

Social media is a gold mine of new people to meet. Just remember, some will probably be interested in everything you have to offer
and some won’t. People who aren’t just may know somebody who is. Make a fantastic impression. Make yourself a person others need
to do business with. Figure out ways to use social media to meet new people and see your company grow.

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